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Leonard J. Buck Garden
Far Hills, N.J.

The Leonard J. Buck Garden
is one of the premier rock gardens
in the eastern United States.

The trail/paths are 1.5 miles and Easy.

Be sure to Stop at the Visitor Center to pick up a Trail
Map and a List of Plants in Bloom. A $3.00 donation
is requested.

Click on the Photo to the Left for a Virtual Tour of
Buck Garden.

Moggy Hollow History:

The garden is sculpted from a glacial stream valley,
where waterfalls once cascaded out of Moggy
Hollow to the East, then subsided, leaving behind
rock faces, outcroppings, ponds and a stream.

To learnabout the Glacial origins of  Moggy Hollow
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L.J. Buck Garden
Home Page

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In Bloom

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"Begun in the late 1930's, the garden has reached a breathtaking point of maturity.
It consists of a series of alpine and woodland gardens situated in a 33-acre wooded stream
valley. Named for Mr. Leonard J. Buck, who developed the garden as part of his estate,
it was donated to the Somerset County Park Commission by Mrs. Helen Buck in 1976.

Mr. Buck worked with Mr. Zenon Schreiber, a well-known landscape architect, to develop a
naturalistic garden which incorporated several large rock outcroppings found on the property.
Their aim was to create a garden that would be ecologically correct and not recognizable as
being man-made. Each outcropping is slightly different, creating varying exposures and
microclimates which enable different plant associations to thrive.

One of the greatest delights in visiting the Leonard J. Buck Garden is discovering its variety of
plants. Tucked among the rocks are rare and exotic rock garden plants. The wooded trails
connecting the outcroppings are lined with beautiful wild flowers that have flourished and
multiplied through the years. Throughout the gardens grow various ferns. At the base of the
valley walls, azaleas and rhododendrons produce a colorful display in May and early June.
The Buck Garden's peak bloom is in spring, when favorite wildflowers, diminutive alpines, and
delicate azaleas all compete for attention, but there is something interesting in bloom almost
every week of the year."   Somerset County Park Commission
LOCATION: 11 Layton Road
Far Hills, NJ 07931

HOURS: 10 am-4 pm Monday to Friday
10 am-5 pm Saturdays
12 pm-5 pm Sundays
Closed on weekends and major holidays in
Dec., Jan., Feb., and March.

Somerset County Park Commission
Tel: (908) 234-2677

ADMISSION: Donation Requested
($3/Adult $1/Senior or Child)

Directions to the
Leonard J. Buck Gardens

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