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Donner Pass, Golden Gate Bridge
The Best Two Weeks of MY LIfe.
July 2007 - The West Coast Clan sponsored a Family Reunion at a large ski cabin in Ice Lakes,
near Lake Tahoe. I had the Best Two weeks of my Life with the Family and Hiking near Lake
Tahoe, Yosemite and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My first hike/walk was at Lake Tahoe as we hiked down to Emerald Bay - So Beautiful.  The
descent was easy but going back up was an ordeal at the high Altitude. A few of us older
members ( I was almost 61) had to take several rest breaks and watch the "kids" pass us up.
Subsequent hikes in the are around the cabin and to Donner Pass were back to normal. By the
time my Brother-in-law and I made it to Yosemite, we were in shape.

In less than two weeks I had two 8 miles hikes, plus 5 or 6 other hikes of several miles or more.
Good thing too, as we had lots of great food and wine, enjoyable company and many
experiences. A Time to Remember Forever.

Below are a few of The Memories.

Glacier Point View at the beginning of
Yosemite's Panorama Trail.
for a
Panorama View
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Yosemite - July 2007 at 60 yrs. of age, my
Brother-in-Law (Wayne) and I took a bus up to
the TrailHead at Glacier Point with it's awesome
view of  
Half Dome and then hiked 8 miles down
The Panorama Trail to the Valley Floor.
The trail soon leaves the tourists behind as it
switchbacks down the mountain. Two miles later
the trail crosses over ILLILOUETTE FALLS and
then climbs 700 feet. Next comes Nevada Falls
and then Vernal Falls with it's Mist Trail. The Mist
Trail was a grueling trail down the side of Vernal
falls using Rock Steps that jarred us on every
slippery step down. We were glad we did it but
next time we take an easier but slightly longer
detour. After 8 miles and about 8 hours we
arrived at Happy Isles and our bus back to the
visitor center. An Awesome Day in our Lives.
Virtual Tour of Yosemite - Click Here.

Donner Pass View

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An Awesome Experience
of Being There
Donner Pass, Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe,
Golden Gate Bridge & Muir Woods:
The Donner Pass Hike
was a portion of The
Pacific Crest Trail. The Trailhead for the Glacier
Meadow trail was  just off Rt. 80 and went about
4 miles till connecting with Donner Pass Road.
Lake Tahoe was a short hike down to Emerald
Bay but the hike back up was torture as it was
our first hike at a High elevation.
More Trails
Squaw Valley - Taking the Cable Car up and
hiking/walking around at the top. The view of lake
Tahoe was awesome.
Lots of Trails on Top.
Muir Woods was an invigorating hike thru The
Majestic Redwoods and views of The Pacific
Coast line. I hiked the Ben Johnson Trail which
connected with the Dipsea trail.
More Trails
Golden Gate Bridge - We started this 8 mile walk
at Fisherman's Wharf and followed The Bay Trail
over The Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito with
ferry ride back to Fisherman's Wharf.
Bay Trail.
More pics of these beautiful places - Click Here.