Take I-78 to Exit 15.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto County 513 South [Pittston Road].  
To reach the northern end of the trail follow County 513 South for 0.6 mile from Exit 15 and turn
left [south] onto County 617 [Sydney Road].  Continue for 1.4 miles, and turn left on Lower
Landsdown Road.  In 0.5 mile, turn right onto Landsdown Road and cross the railroad tracks,
where the trail starts. Parking is also available in Pittstown at its southern end.

Capoolong Creek

Hunterdon County, NJ
Capoolong Creek Trail - EASY - Flat-
3.7miles one way  /7.4 round trip
A 3.7-mile rail trail follows the Capoolong Creek
along the abandoned Pittstown Branch of the Lehigh
Valley Railroad. The trail is canopy covered with
trees making it shady and cooler than outside the
path. To make the hike shorter have a car at both
ends or just turn around when you wish. I had no
problem doing the whole hike round trip.
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Just over 2 feet deep and perhaps 20 feet wide in spots, Capoolong Creek meanders through
central Hunterdon County before emptying into the South Branch of the Raritan River.

"At about four miles long, this linear park features a majestic mature hardwood riparian forest
that includes American sycamore and red and silver maples. Several access points allow
visitors to tailor the length of their hike. The trail follows the old Lehigh Valley Railroad spur that
once terminated in Pittstown, where peaches from this fertile valley were transported to urban
areas. Occasionally remnants of the railroad are evident, particularly at the southern trail
terminus, where the old train station, slated for restoration, still stands. Spring ephemerals like
trout lily and spring beauties can be seen along the trail. While searching for wildlife, enjoy
unimpeded views of the stream. This is an excellent place to search for migrating spring
warblers such as Northern Parula, Yellow, Black-throated Blue, Yellow-rumped and
Black-and-white along with Ovenbird and Wood Thrush. Vireos such as Blue-headed,
Yellow-throated and Red-eyed may be seen along the outer edges of the trees."  NJ Audubon
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