Walks of Wonder
New Jersey & Beyondd

Delaware Water Gap
Mt. Tammany, Mt. Minsi
& Sunfish Pond
For 40 miles the Middle Delaware River passes
between low forested mountains.
Then the river cuts through the mountain ridge
to form the famed "Water Gap".

View from Summit of Mt. Tammany

Mt. Tammany - Red Dot Trail ( 1.5 mile ) - Blue
Blazed Trail ( 2.5 miles).
The Red Dot and the Blue
Blazed (or Blue Dot) trails join at the top of Mt.
Tammany to form a 4-mile loop.
From Dunnfield Creek parking area (Worthington
State Forest) to the top of Mt. Tammany via the Red
Dot Trail is a steep and rocky 1.5 mile climb. The
Blue Blazed Trail is a more gradual 2.5 mile climb,
most of it on wide trails and old roadbeds.
I recommend going up the Red and down the Blue.
The views going up the Red Dot trail make it so worth
while but it is steep and Rocky.
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Picture of the Delaware river View for a Virtual Tour
of this Great Hike.

Mount Minsi

Mount Minsi: 4 miles  roundtrip - all up-hill/downhill.

Most hikers want to climb Mt. Tammany in New
Jersey, but the best view of Tammany is from the top
of the other gatepost of the Gap, Mt. Minsi in

From Lake Lenape in the village of Delaware Water
Gap to the top of Mt Minsi is about 2 miles. Day hikers
can return from the top via the Mt Minsi Fire Road for
a vigorous 4-mile loop.
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Sunfish Pond
Sunfish Pond - Sunfish Pond is one of the most
popular hiking destinations in New Jersey. The rocky
shores of this crystal clear glacial lake are Beautiful.
Atop Mt. Tammany is the Mt Tammany Fire Road
( Gray Markers), which runs along the ridge to meet
the Connector Trail to Sunfish Pond. This is one way
to hike both Mt. Tammany and Sunfish Pond without
The Red Dot Trail reaches the top of Mt. Tammany
and then circles to the left and meets the Blue Trail.
Keep an eye out for The Gray Markers which will be
on your right as the Blue trail starts to head down the
Mountain. After about 3 miles on the Gray Trail ,make
a left onto the Sunfish Pond Trail and up and downhill
for about half mile. You will connect with The Sunfish
Pond Fire road - turn left  and then the Turquoise Trail
Right  to Sunfish Pond. The Appalachian Trail ( White
Markers) Skirts the Eastern shore and heads to Mt.
Tammany ( About 4 Miles). There is another way back
but very strenuous. It is the Green trail along
Dunnfield Creek.  
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The ridge of the Appalachians that the Delaware crosses is called the Blue Mountains in
Pennsylvania and the Kittatinny Ridge in New Jersey. The New Jersey mountain is Mount
Tammany; the Pennsylvania mountain is Mount Minsi. The summit of Tammany is 1,200 ft
(370 m) above the river. The Appalachian Trail threads the gap, and climbs the Kittatinies
alongside Dunnfield Creek, passing Sunfish Pond.

You are in the footsteps of two centuries of hikers as you climb the gateposts of the gap,
Mt. Minsi PA and Mt. Tammany NJ (left and above) and emerge atop the "endless mountain" —
Kittatinny Ridge. You can hike 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail within the park.

The area contains somewhere close to 70 miles of trails which lead hikers to breathtaking
overlooks, sublime glens and ravines, rugged outcroppings, a glacial lake, ancient copper
mines and endless hours of serenity.

My hikes in the Gap have been the most challenging and most Beautiful on the East Coast.