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A History and Guide,
Morristown National
Historical Park, New Jersey
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Are Located at the Main
Visitor Center and at the
juncture of Grand
Parade and Jockey
Hollow roads
Historical Park
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The Great Story
Revolutionary War
Historical Article
From Interstate 287 South or North:
-Take Exit 30B (Bernardsville)
-At the traffic light, turn right onto Route 202 North
-Turn left at light for Tempe Wick Road (Route 646).
(Note that road has a different name on the right side, don’t let this confuse you.)
-Continue on Tempe Wick Road for about another 1 ½ miles.
Entrance to the Jockey Hollow unit of Morristown National Historical Park will be on your right.

Jockey Hollow

National Historic Park
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Jockey HollowTrails

There are four main blazed trails within Jockey
Hollow totaling about 13 miles of trails.
Red Trail ( Primrose Brook) - 1 1/8 mi.
White ( Grand Loop ) - 6.5 mi.
Yellow ( Grand Parade ) - 2.25 mi
Blue ( Mt. Kemble Loop ) - 3 mi.
There are also short connector trails - The Aqueduct
Loop, Soldier Hut  and N.Y. Brigade Trails. Plus the
paved roadway.
Pick up map at the visitor Center.
There are also many "You Are Here'" Signs.
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Red Trail - Primrose Brook Trail -a 1 1/8 mile loop.
Easy with many water crossings and an easy climb.
Just follow the Red Markers.
There is a parking area on Jockey Hollow Road. The
trailhead starts at the northeast end of the lot on the
opposite side. Be sure to Stop at the Visitor Center
for a map. The trail skirts the brook, crossing it
several times. Then veering right it climbs and
follows the brook back but from a higher elevation.
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Yellow Trail - Grand Parade Trail - 2.25 mile loop.
Moderate - After leaving thru the rear of the visitor
center veer left past the Wick Farm ( worth visiting it,
the garden and other structures). Just past the Barn
there is a unique and delapidated  building - an Old
The Yellow Trail starts here and makes a wide circle
thru the park, past The Soldiers Huts and Cemetery.
It is an easy trail with a few moderate elevation
changes. You return back at the trailhead close to
The Wick Farm and Visitor Center.
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Blue Trail - Mt. Kembel Loop - 3 miles - moderate.
The Blue trail uses portions of several other trails
and I found some intersections not well marked. A
Map is a necessity even though there are trail
markers with maps. You can start the hike either at
the NY. Brigade lot with rest rooms or at the Trail
Center on Jockey Hollow Road. The Trail circles Mt.
Kemble. As it ascends you get a feeling of the
Stratregic Geographical importance of the Area.

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White Trail - Grand Loop - 6.5 miles - 1/3 is Hard
This 6.5 mile hike is an excellent workout hike. The trail on
the South side of Jockey Hollow road is a pleasant stroll with
easy ascent and descents. North of Jockey Hollow road it is
more challenging.
BEWARE!!!!!  Most intersections are well marked with tree
markers and maps but a few were lacking. Keep on the white
trail - If you do not see the white marker - walk a few yards till
you find a tree with a mark. If not white go back and try the
other trail.
I strongly suggest that you pick up a Trail Map at the main
Visitor Center.
Where to start this Loop - Probably the easiest is to leave
thru the rear of the visitor center and walk about 80 yds. and
then make a right just before the fence, cross over the paved
road. In a few minutes you will reach a Junction with the
Grand Loop trail. You can go either left or right - Right takes
you clockwise with the harder portion first.

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Paved Roadway - About 2.5 mile loop
The Paved road for Joggers and autos passes by
many of the Historical sites. Going Clockwise it
starts out as Cemetery Road and  passes the
Cemetery and The Soldier Huts ( Parking), turns
Right onto Grand Parade Road and then another
right onto Jockey Hollow road (Parking &
Restrooms) , Passes by The Trail Center for The
Red & Blue Trails ( Parking) and then returns to the
Main Visitor Center Parking lot.

The Wick House & Farm:
Being one of the most prosperous families of the times, the
Wick family lived in a comfortable home whose construction
and style reflected their New England origins. The Wick farm
included a fine and roomy, well constructed home house
with windows, 1400 acres of timber land and open fields; a
perfect area for Washington's soldiers to camp for the winter.
The Wick farm and adjacent farms grew various crops
including wheat, corn, rye, oats, buckwheat, apples and flax.
Consequently, the Wick farm and a couple of adjacent farms
became home to 13,000 soldiers during the winter of
1779-1780. The Wick farm house became winter
headquarters for General Arthur St. Clair.  The Wick House is
open to visitors daily between the hours of 9:30am and
    Jockey Hollow is a Nerve Center for Nature Enthusiasts and History Buffs. Four Trails and a paved
    roadway for joggers and autos weave thru the rolling terrain of this Historic Site. Plus The Patriots path
    connects it with The New Jersey Brigade Area that includes The Cross Gardens and the N.J. Audubon

    All the hikes have sprinkles of History. The Red Trail is short and scenic...Blue gives you a perspective
    of Geographical importance and the Yellow trail a feeling of the Hollow with the Soldier Huts and
    Cemetery. The white Trail is a HIKE skirting the perimeter. A trail Map is needed for all. A free copy
    can be obtained at the visitor center.

    During two critical winters of the Revolutionary War, 1777 and 1779–80, the countryside in and
    around Morristown, New Jersey, sheltered the main encampments of the American Continental Army
    and served as the headquarters of its commander-in-chief, General George Washington. The National
    Park Service at Morristown National Historical Park preserves sites in the Morristown area occupied by
    the Continental Army and interprets the history and subsequent commemoration of these
    encampments and the extraordinary fortitude of the officers and enlisted men under Washington’s

    Jockey Hollow is located just south of Morristown.