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Morris County
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Pyramid Mountain
Natural Historic
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Pyramid Mountain
Morris County
here in  the winter
allowed me to appreciate
the name Pyramid Mountain.
Leafless trees allowed  the Mountain
to stand out as you approach. Very angular,
it looked like a Pyramid. Please Enjoy this Hike.
Click below for a Large view of Tri Pod Rock
Bear Rock
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Vista from Lucy's Overlook
Click for a Virtual Hike
The two most remarkable Glacial erratics on this hike are Bear Rock, one of the largest Rocks
in the state, and
Tripod Rock ( above right ), a 160-200 ton boulder perched atop three smaller
boulders. There are also some beautiful vistas of Mountains and if you are lucky - Manhattan.
Pyramid Mountain Loop - 3 + miles - Moderate Difficulty

The Trailhead is
loacated at the Visitor
Center. The trail
starts as a connector
trail which crosses a
stream and meets
with the
Blue Trail,
climbs a hill and
veers left. Keep on
the Blue trail untill you
come to a "Rock Pile"
or Cairn. Here take
Red Trail to the
left and downhill (
blue trail goes right
and up). Follow the
red trail until it
crosses a small
wooden plank over
Bear House Brook
and  meets the white
Turn Right  on
the White trail
Bear Rock. From
Bear Rock take the
White/Blue trail after
climbing and
descending a hill we
take the
White trail
left to Tri Pod Rock.
Retrace your steps to
Blue trail and
make a left. Lucy's
Overlook is a small
trail on the right off the
Blue trail. Check out
Lucy's View and
return to the
Blue trail.
Go Right
till you come
back to the Rock Pile.
Turn left and retrace
your steps on
to the visitor