Chester Township

Trails and paths meander
thru Gardens, Meadows and Forest.

All are easy and short loops. Picnic Table and an
Indoor Restroom is available.

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A Few Sampler
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    Trails and paths meander thru Gardens, Meadows and Forest. A self-guided trail takes
    you thru the central portion of the Arboretum with posts identifying the tree, shrub or

    "Willowwood Arboretum, 130 acres of rolling farm land, has about 3,500 kinds of native
    and exotic plants, many of them rare. Both wild and cultivated plantings can be seen on
    self-guiding tours. In addition to undisturbed forest, historic collections include oak,
    maple, willow, magnolia, lilac, cherry, fir, pine, a superb specimen of Dawn Redwood
    (Metasequoia) now more than 98 feet tall, masses of ferns and handsome stands of
    field and forest wild flowers.

    The residence, dating back from 1792, features two small formal gardens. However, the
    pervading feeling at Willowwood is one of pleasant informal paths through open areas
    and woodland."  Morris County Park Commission
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